I believe that stories have the power to inspire and storytelling has the power to engage. My goal is to provide meaningful and inclusive storytelling through trans and mixed media, multi-sensory design to in-situ and remote audiences.

As the Vice President, Exhibitions, Research, and Design at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), I’m responsible for Exhibitions (permanent, traveling, and temporary exhibitions), Research & Curation, Design & Production (graphic design, interface design, creative, audio/video production, and information architecture), Digital Platforms (transmedia storytelling, games, apps, mobile, and emerging technologies), Collections (library and archives, artefact and object collections, art commissioning, copyright, and licensing).

Additionally, I¬†championed the creation of, and continue to lead the CMHR’s internationally recognized Inclusive Design and Accessibility practices.

Since 1999 I have also enjoyed a healthy freelance practice and have been fortunate to work with over 50 museums, on projects of digital innovation, inclusive and universal design and accessibility, exhibition design, rich and transmedia storytelling, and museology and museum practices including enterprise architecture, policy, governance, evaluation and more.

Beyond my museum work, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of entertainment, corporate, and commercial clients.


Formal Biography

As Vice President, Exhibitions, Research, and Design, Corey Timpson is a member of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) executive leadership, charged with the fulfillment of the CMHR’s national mandate. Corey is responsible for the direction and oversight of exhibition programs, research and curation, design and production across all media, digital platforms and transmedia storytelling, and collections. Corey also championed the creation of, and continues to lead, the CMHR’s internationally recognized inclusive design and accessibility practices.

Corey’s primary focus at the CMHR is to facilitate interactive and dialogic experiences between and among visitors (in-situ & remote) through the use of mixed and transmedia, digital technology, and immersive environmental design, relying on sustainable, scalable, and inclusive interaction and data models.

Corey has a B.A. in Law from Carleton University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Interactive Multimedia from Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technology. Prior to accepting his role at the CMHR, Corey spent 8 years at the Canadian Heritage Information Network leading the creative design, information architecture, and digital teams, working on innovation projects with many of Canada’s 3000 museums. Corey was also the project director (CEO-delegated client authority) for the CMHR’s inaugural museum project, running until the museum’s opening in 2014.

Publishing, speaking, and participating in committees and boards, Corey is an active collaborator in the experience design and digital media discourses within the cultural domain.