As the Vice President, Exhibitions, Research, and Design at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights I lead the strategic and creative design and development of exhibitions, film, immersive environments, games, apps, and many other trans/mixed-media projects, as well as all collections related activities.

Over the 5 year inaugural project, of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, between 2009 and the museum’s opening in 2014, I was the Project Director responsible for conceptualizing, designing, developing, and installing 11 galleries — 4700 square meters (50,000 square feet) — of mixed-media, immersive exhibition programs, as well as the museum’s web presence, mobile app, digital signage, and digital infrastructure. I directed 15 exhibition, graphic, media, and digital design firms spread across several countries, as well as exhibition fabricators and scenographers, AV integrators, and technology companies, while leading the commissioning of art installations, the loans and acquisitions of several hundred artefacts, the copyright and IP management of thousands of photo and video assets, and a whole lot more. I was also heavily involved in architectural fit-up (eventually becoming the client authority). I began my time at CMHR as a department of 1 and was responsible for hiring a multidisciplinary team of museum professionals, creating departments, polices, procedures, and being responsible for several institutional tasks, such as sitting on the Crown Corporation’s first collective bargaining team.

From my early days at an interactive design studio with many museum clients, to my time leading the design teams at CHIN (Canadian Heritage’s special operating agency that works with museums on innovation projects), to my freelance work focusing predominantly on the cultural domain, and finally as a member of the senior management team of the aforementioned national museum, my career has been focused on museological work. Since 2000 I have been fortunate to work on a wide variety of projects with a large percentage of Canada’s 3000+ museums, as well as several American and international museums. This diversity of experience has enabled me to acquire not only a rich portfolio of projects but a perspective into how various museums, galleries, and science centres conduct their practice.

At present I am associated with the following museum conferences and organizations:
. American Alliance of Museums (AAM) National Program Committee
. MUSE (Museum and Technology Professional Network of the AAM) Board Member
. Museums and the Web Program Committee
. Museums and the Web GLAMi Awards Program Member/Judge
. Federation of International Human Rights (FIHRM) 2018 International Congress Organizing Committee