Clients & Partners

Below is a list of select projects with various museum and cultural clients and partners (outside of my work at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights).

Open Access

. Smithsonian Institution (Washington, USA)

Inclusive Design and Accessibility, Innovation (Capital Project, all aspects of the enterprise) . Obama Presidential Center/Barack Obama Foundation (Chicago, USA)
Exhibition Development Framework, Early Schematic Design . Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada)
Inclusive Design & Accessibility (Workshop, Staff Training, Core Exhibition Analysis, More.) . Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, USA)
Program Development, Digital Integration, Inclusive Design – New Capital Development . Ottawa Public Library, Library & Archives Canada, City of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada)

Inclusive Design & Accessibility
(Workshop, Staff Training, ArtLens Analysis)

. Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, USA)

Interaction Lab, Innovation

. Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (NY, USA)

Enterprise Digital Strategy

. Art Gallery Hamilton (Hamilton, Canada)

Inclusive Design, Accessibility, Digital, and broad Museological Strategy

. Joplin Historical Neighbourhoods (Joplin, USA)

Exhibitions Design, Museum Practice
(Enterprise architecture, Museum Expert)

. Ingenium – Science & Technology, Agriculture & Food, Aviation & Space Museums (Ottawa, Canada)

Collections Management, Digital Strategy
(Collections Management, Digital Design)

. Disney Imagineering (Glendale, USA)

Accessibility Web Audit
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Royal British Columbia Museum (Victoria, Canada)

Inclusive Design Workshops & Staff Consultations
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. M+ Museum of Visual Culture (Hong Kong, China)

Inclusive Design Exhibition Assessments, Museum Practice
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (New York, USA)

Immersive Design Symposium (Detroit Institute of the Arts Museum)
(Exhibition Design Expert)

. American Alliance of Museums (Washington, USA)

Digital Strategy & Client Rep
(Exhibition, Digital Design Expert)

. MEET Digital Culture Center (Milano, Italy)

Inclusive Design Assessments
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. True North Sports & Entertainment (Winnipeg, Canada)

Inclusive Design Workshop
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Smithsonian Institution (Washington, USA)

Digital Strategy & Concept Design (Education)
Digital Design Expert)

. Elections Canada (Gatineau, Canada)

Exhibition Crit & Lecture
Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, USA)

Built Environment Forum & Plenary
Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Government of Ontario, Accessibility Directorate
(Toronto, Canada)

Bank of Canada Museum
(Capital project client representation, exhibition design)

. Bank of Canada Museum (Ottawa, Canada)

Enterprise Architecture
(Department structure, staffing responsibilities, etc.)

. Royal Alberta Museum (Edmonton, Canada)

ICT Strategy

. Global Centre for Pluralism (Ottawa, Canada)

Joe Fafard 3D Project
(Digitization, 3D Photo-stitching, Virtual Walkthrough)

. National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
. McKenzie Art Gallery (Regina, Canada)
. McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Vaughan, Canada)

Virtual Museum of Canada Redesign, & Institutional Enterprise Architecture
(Data aggregation, Geo-Mapping, Enterprise Search Appliance)

. Department of Canadian Heritage (Gatineau, Canada)
. Canadian Museums Association (Great Canadian Guide to Museums/Find a Museum)

Air, Land, and Sea: A Story of Exploration
(3D objects, 3D digitization, Learning Resources)

. McCord Museum (Montreal, Canada)
. Canadian Space Agency (Ottawa, Canada)
. National Research Centre of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
. Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada)

Thule Whalebone House
(3D, Digitization, Web)

. Glenbow Museum (Calgary, Canada)

Media Art
(Digital Art Preservation, Documentation, Rich Media, Web)

. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal, Canada)
. DOCAM (Documentation and Conservation of Media Arts Heritage)
. Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology (Montreal, Canada)

Podcast Project
(Rich Media, Learning Resources)

. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Victoria, Canada)
. Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton (Moncton, Canada)

Artefacts Canada
(Metadata, Database, Content Aggregation, Semantic Web)

. Canadian Conservation Institute (Ottawa, Canada)
. Parks Canada (Gatineau, Canada)
. Cataloguing Cultural Objects Working Group (ICOM)
. Archeology Working Group (French, ICOM)

Massive Change in Action
(Learning Resources, Learning Objects, Student Exhibition at AGO)

. Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)
. Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton (Moncton, Canada)
. George Brown University / Institute Without Boundaries (Toronto, Canada)
. Toronto District School Board (Toronto, Canada)

Virtual Learning Environment
(Semantic Learning Resource Creator, Content Aggregator, Publication & Sharing Platform)

. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)
. McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Vaughan, Canada)
. Direction du patrimoine, province du Nouveau Brunswick (Canada)
. Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Victoria, Canada)
. Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Hamilton (Hamilton, Canada)
. Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
. Portrait Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

Community Memories Program
(Digitization and Cataloguing Software)

. 1200 museums across Canada (digital needs national museum survey)
. 24 pilot museums from across Canada

History of the Vote in Canada Exhibit
(Video Game)

. Canadian Museum of Civilizations (Gatineau, Canada)
. Elections Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

Oil Derrick Charlie Stalnacher Exhibition
(Digital Video Kiosk)

. Canadian Museum of Civilizations (Gatineau, Canada)