Clients & Partners

Below is a list of select projects with various museum and cultural clients and partners (outside of my work at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights).

Exhibitions Design, Museum Practice
(Enterprise architecture, Museum Expert)

. Ingenium – Science & Technology, Agriculture & Food, Aviation & Space Museums (Ottawa, Canada)

Collections Management, Digital Strategy
(Collections Management, Digital Design)

. Disney Imagineering (Glendale, USA)

Accessibility Web Audit
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Royal British Columbia Museum (Victoria, Canada)

Inclusive Design Workshops & Staff Consultations
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. M+ Museum of Visual Culture (Hong Kong, China)

Inclusive Design Exhibition Assessments, Museum Practice
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (New York, USA)

Immersive Design Symposium (Detroit Institute of the Arts Museum)
(Exhibition Design Expert)

. American Alliance of Museums (Washington, USA)

Digital Strategy & Client Rep
(Exhibition, Digital Design Expert)

. MEET Digital Culture Center (Milano, Italy)

Inclusive Design Assessments
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. True North Sports & Entertainment (Winnipeg, Canada)

Inclusive Design Workshop
(Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Smithsonian Institution (Washington, USA)

Digital Strategy & Concept Design (Education)
Digital Design Expert)

. Elections Canada (Gatineau, Canada)

Exhibition Crit & Lecture
Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, USA)

Built Environment Forum & Plenary
Inclusive design & accessibility consultant)

. Government of Ontario, Accessibility Directorate
(Toronto, Canada)

Bank of Canada Museum
(Capital project client representation, exhibition design)

. Bank of Canada Museum (Ottawa, Canada)

Enterprise Architecture
(Department structure, staffing responsibilities, etc.)

. Royal Alberta Museum (Edmonton, Canada)

ICT Strategy

. Global Centre for Pluralism (Ottawa, Canada)

Joe Fafard 3D Project
(Digitization, 3D Photo-stitching, Virtual Walkthrough)

. National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
. McKenzie Art Gallery (Regina, Canada)
. McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Vaughan, Canada)

Virtual Museum of Canada Redesign, & Institutional Enterprise Architecture
(Data aggregation, Geo-Mapping, Enterprise Search Appliance)

. Department of Canadian Heritage (Gatineau, Canada)
. Canadian Museums Association (Great Canadian Guide to Museums/Find a Museum)

Air, Land, and Sea: A Story of Exploration
(3D objects, 3D digitization, Learning Resources)

. McCord Museum (Montreal, Canada)
. Canadian Space Agency (Ottawa, Canada)
. National Research Centre of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
. Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada)

Thule Whalebone House
(3D, Digitization, Web)

. Glenbow Museum (Calgary, Canada)

Media Art
(Digital Art Preservation, Documentation, Rich Media, Web)

. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal, Canada)
. DOCAM (Documentation and Conservation of Media Arts Heritage)
. Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology (Montreal, Canada)

Podcast Project
(Rich Media, Learning Resources)

. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Victoria, Canada)
. Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton (Moncton, Canada)

Artefacts Canada
(Metadata, Database, Content Aggregation, Semantic Web)

. Canadian Conservation Institute (Ottawa, Canada)
. Parks Canada (Gatineau, Canada)
. Cataloguing Cultural Objects Working Group (ICOM)
. Archeology Working Group (French, ICOM)

Massive Change in Action
(Learning Resources, Learning Objects, Student Exhibition at AGO)

. Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)
. Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton (Moncton, Canada)
. George Brown University / Institute Without Boundaries (Toronto, Canada)
. Toronto District School Board (Toronto, Canada)

Virtual Learning Environment
(Semantic Learning Resource Creator, Content Aggregator, Publication & Sharing Platform)

. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)
. McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Vaughan, Canada)
. Direction du patrimoine, province du Nouveau Brunswick (Canada)
. Mendel Art Gallery (Saskatoon, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Victoria, Canada)
. Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada)
. Art Gallery of Hamilton (Hamilton, Canada)
. Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
. Portrait Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

Community Memories Program
(Digitization and Cataloguing Software)

. 1200 museums across Canada (digital needs national museum survey)
. 24 pilot museums from across Canada

History of the Vote in Canada Exhibit
(Video Game)

. Canadian Museum of Civilizations (Gatineau, Canada)
. Elections Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

Oil Derrick Charlie Stalnacher Exhibition
(Digital Video Kiosk)

. Canadian Museum of Civilizations (Gatineau, Canada)