I believe that stories have the power to inspire and storytelling has the power to engage. My goal is to provide meaningful and inclusive storytelling through trans and mixed media, multi-sensory design to in-situ and remote audiences. – Corey Timpson

Corey Timpson Design Inc.

Corey Timpson Design Inc. (CTD) is an inclusive design firm operating in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. CTD’s design solutions rely on sustainable and inclusive interaction and data models to address both audience engagement and operational sustainability. This inclusive design methodology is applied to everything CTD works on – environmental, exhibition, digital, and print design; concept design and schematic work; digital and technology systems design and development; mobile media and emerging technology; workflows, capacity building, training, and operating practices; and much more. The output of this methodology is not only accessibility, but rich products and experiences enjoyable by people of all abilities in an operationally scalable and sustainable manner. CTD’s accessibility and inclusivity efforts are led by Corey Timpson and Sina Bahram. Our team is comprised of several subject matter experts whose unique skills, experience, and efforts are unified through our inclusive design methodology.

Having now worked with over 100 cultural institutions and several commercial, sports and entertainment, technology, education, and governmental organizations, CTD has enjoyed the privilege of working on large capital projects, small incubator projects, visitor experiences of all shapes and sizes, and infrastructure and operations spanning all sectors.


Prime Access Consulting Inc. is the company that Sina founded and that is based in the United States of America. Most of our work in the US is administered through PAC.

Mosaic is a micro-blog that we use to publish observations, thoughts, and reflections on interesting and meaningful examples of experience design that we come across in our work and travels. M4C is a numeronym for “Mosaic”. We keep our Inclusive Design Glossary and Reading List up to date on the Mosaic platform.