My practice focuses on strategy, design, and production across all sectors, integrating digital technology in a mixed and transmedia manner that increases inclusive engagement among target audiences, while providing accessible, scalable operational efficiencies.

I believe that stories have the power to inspire, storytelling has the power to engage. This is not only one of my maxims, but a primary tactic used to create relevance, engagement, and a strong return across all strategic objectives.

My goals: relevance and sustainability, now and in perpetuity.
My approach: inclusively rich and meaningful experience design.

Please visit the About and Portfolio sections of this website for select examples of previous work as well as details on methodology and clients.



  • Mixed-Media Design
    Mixed Media Exhibition Design

Feature Talks

MEET The Media Guru (Milano, Italy)
. Multisensory & Inclusive Design
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Best in Heritage (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
. Soft Power, Intangible Collections & Transmedia Storytelling
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Corey Timpson @coreytimpson
RT @mashable: Japan’s first digital art museum makes visitors part of the installation https://t.co/pfkivryjeG
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Corey Timpson @coreytimpson
Great source of award winning cultural case studies! #AAMers #MuseTech #Museums https://t.co/yzVHvdiTwO
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Corey Timpson @coreytimpson
RT @FogleHatch: #MCN2020 Missed our presentation? please connect. 🙂 @Lauren_Race @coreytimpson @SinaBahram
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