Corey Timpson Design Inc.

I believe that stories have the power to inspire, storytelling has the power to engage. This is not only one of my maxims, but a primary tactic used to create relevance, engagement, and a strong return across all strategic objectives.

Our practice focuses on strategy, design, production, and capacity building within the cultural and themed entertainment sectors. Our solutions integrate digital technology in mixed and transmedia storytelling that increases inclusive engagement among target audiences, while providing accessible, scalable operational efficiencies.

Our goals: relevance and sustainability, now and in perpetuity.
Our approach: inclusively rich and meaningful experience design.

We are fortunate to be working on a number of projects globally. From large capital builds, to small incubator projects, and from rich, multi-sensory experience design, to enterprise architecture and capacity building. No matter the type of the project, our inclusive design methodology is applied as we endeavour to welcome the widest possible audience in an inclusive and operationally sustainable manner.

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  • Mixed-Media Design
    Mixed Media Exhibition Design

Feature Talks

MEET The Media Guru (Milano, Italy)
. Multisensory & Inclusive Design
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Best in Heritage (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
. Soft Power, Intangible Collections & Transmedia Storytelling
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